Behind the Scenes: 5 AI News You Might Have Missed

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to lose track of the latest happenings. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a roundup of five intriguing AI news stories that might have slipped under your radar today. These stories offer a glimpse behind the scenes of exciting developments in the AI landscape.

From Google’s groundbreaking project aiming to outperform existing AI models to a collaboration between Misho, a prominent company, and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), there’s plenty to uncover.

5 AI News You Might Have Missed

So, let’s dive in and explore the captivating advancements and emerging trends in the realm of AI. Stay tuned for a fascinating journey into the world of artificial intelligence!

Google’s Project Gemini and Privacy Policy Update

Google announced a project called Gemini, aiming to surpass AI models like ChatGPT in human-like thinking abilities. Subsequently, Google updated its privacy policy, stating their intention to utilize publicly available data for training their AI models.

Google Introducing Gemini
Google Introducing Gemini

Rise of AI and Impact on Technology Jobs

In the technology field, layoffs are on the rise due to the emergence of AI, causing concern among researchers who initially believed that technology jobs would remain secure. Today’s AI roundup offers further insights into these developments.

  • Google’s Utilization of Publicly Available Data

Google plans to train its AI using publicly available data. According to a Gizmodo report, Google has revised its privacy policy, stating their intention to employ any publicly accessible data for training their AI models.

  • Utilizing Public Information to Improve Services

To improve their services and develop new products, features, and technologies that benefit users and the public, Google utilizes publicly available information. This data is instrumental in training their AI models and enabling the creation of products and features such as Google Translate, Google Assistant, and Cloud AI capabilities. This update is mentioned in their policy revision.

  • Privacy Concerns and User Control

A significant aspect of this new privacy policy is the shift from using data for “language models” to “AI models.” This change raises concerns regarding the privacy of individuals who share content online. It is no longer solely about who can access the data but also about users’ lack of control over how the data can be utilized.Check Also AI in Education 2023: Revolutionizing Learning with Special Robots

Layoffs in the Tech Field and AI’s Role

Speculation suggests that Reddit and Twitter made policy changes to combat AI data harvesting, potentially driven by these concerns. The tech industry has witnessed an increase in layoffs, particularly in areas related to AI. Companies are assessing which roles can be replaced by AI, resulting in employee terminations and hiring freezes.

  • IBM’s Approach to AI Impact Assessment

The report references statements from an interview with IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, published in Bloomberg. In the interview, Krishna discusses IBM’s plan to cease hiring as they evaluate where AI can have the greatest impact.

Collaborative Research on Generative AI

Misho and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) will collaborate on Generative AI research, as reported by Business Standard. They have formalized their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a one-year period.

  • Objectives of the Collaboration

Under the MOU, Misho will collaborate with IISc researchers to explore multi-modal representation and focus on generative AI capabilities. Misho believes that this collaboration will facilitate the expansion of AI applications in the e-retail sector.

Guiding Principles for Generative AI in UK Universities

UK universities have developed guiding principles for Generative AI, as highlighted in The Guardian. The primary objective is to educate and raise awareness about these technologies, as educational institutions face challenges in adapting teaching and assessment methods to accommodate the rise of AI.

  • Embracing and Understanding AI

Contrary to previous notions of banning AI in educational institutions, the new guidelines emphasize the importance of learning and adapting to this advancing technology. The aim is to harness its potential while informing students about the risks of literary theft, biases, and inaccuracies associated with AI.

AI-Generated Images of Friends Characters in Indian Attire

An Instagram page with the username ai.magine_ has delighted netizens with a series of pictures featuring popular sitcom Friends characters dressed in Indian ethnic clothing. The images portray Chandler and Monica tying the knot in an Indian wedding ceremony, with Joey also participating while adorning traditional Indian attire.

Friends Characters
Friends Characters is a group of people who really like AI and know a lot about it. They want to help others learn about AI and use it for their own projects. They make really good prompts and tutorials that explain how to use AI in a way that's easy to understand. Their main aim is to make AI available to everyone and encourage people to use it responsibly. They think that by giving out helpful prompts and tutorials, they can help people get the most out of AI and come up with new ideas in different fields.

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