Baidu Releases New AI Apps Ernie Bot Wins Hearts

Baidu releases over 10 AI-based applications, days after its Ernie Bot gets the green light for public use.

key points

  • Baidu has introduced more than 10 new AI-based applications following the success of its recent chatbot, Ernie Bot.
  • The company revealed WPS AI, a word-processing tool, which has found adoption among nearly 10,000 businesses via Baidu’s “Qianfan” AI cloud platform.
  • Ernie Bot achieved an impressive milestone, attracting one million users within just 19 hours of its launch, all while adhering to China’s new, more lenient AI regulations.

Baidu has introduced more than ten new AI-driven applications, taking advantage of the success of its recently launched chatbot, Ernie Bot.

The technology giant has unveiled WPS AI, a word-processing tool that is already being used by nearly 10,000 businesses through Baidu’s “Qianfan” AI cloud platform.

Ernie Bot achieved a significant milestone, attracting one million users within just 19 hours of its launch, all while the company adheres to the new, more lenient Chinese AI regulations.

Baidu, the prominent Chinese tech company, is making substantial advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Shortly after receiving approval from both the public and the government for its AI chatbot called Ernie Bot, the company has announced the release of more than ten new AI-based applications.

Among these new applications is a distinctive word processing tool known as WPS AI. This tool was developed by Kingsoft Office, a Shanghai-listed company. WPS AI utilizes the identical AI model that drives Baidu’s Ernie Bot.

Baidu’s AI cloud platform, referred to as “Qianfan,” supports these AI models, and nearly 10,000 businesses utilize the platform on a monthly basis, according to the company.

Another noteworthy revelation was the integration of an AI assistant into Baidu’s cloud storage service, similar to Google Drive.


This AI tool is capable of searching and summarizing documents, translating text, and even generating content. Baidu reports that over six million users are already making use of this feature.

During the same announcement, Baidu presented other generative AI-based tools intended to assist in various areas, including traffic management, financial research, and logistics within the coal mining industry.

However, it remains unclear whether these tools are accessible to the general public.

The public release of Ernie Bot on August 31st signifies that the chatbot has received government approval. Baidu’s co-founder and CEO, Robin Li, stated, “This will allow us to gather substantial, valuable real-world feedback to enhance Ernie and introduce further innovations.”

Remarkably, Ernie Bot attracted over one million users within the first 19 hours of its launch.

Baidu also announced plans to launch a series of new AI-native applications that focus on four key capabilities of generative AI: understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory.

These developments follow the implementation of new Chinese regulations that came into effect on August 15th.

These rules are more lenient than the draft regulations released in April, stipulating that interim rules would not apply as long as the AI technology is not accessible to the general public.

While Baidu continues to advance its AI efforts, it’s important to note that ChatGPT by Microsoft-backed OpenAI is not officially available in China, where major players like Google and Facebook are blocked.

Baidu’s Ernie Bot offers functionalities such as market analysis and document summarization and is available for download worldwide. However, users are required to have a Chinese phone number for registration and login.

Baidu’s progress in AI also follows rigorous security evaluations. The company had to demonstrate compliance with China’s generative AI guidelines, which mandate that companies “adhere to core socialist values.”


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