Introduces Specialized: Google AI Chips and New Enterprise Tools at Next Conference

Introduces Specialized Google AI Chips and New Enterprise Tools at Next Conference

Google AI Chips

On August 30th, 2023, Google revealed some exciting AI advancements at the Next Conference in San Francisco. Their focus is on making artificial intelligence easier for big businesses to use.

During an interview with Reuters, Thomas Kurian, the Chief of Google Cloud, said that companies should take their time and plan out how they want to use AI.

Big companies likeGeneral MotorsandEstee LauderCompanies are now using Google’s cloud software to help with their work.

These partnerships show that Google is becoming more important in the world of business software. As part of their plans, Google introduced special computer chips that are really good at AI tasks. They also created tools to keep data and images safe in companies.

One tool they made is calledSynthID. It can add a special mark to pictures made by AI, and even though we can’t see it, it keeps the pictures safe.

Google also made a new version of a special computer chip called tensor processing unit (TPU). This chip, named TPU v5e, is great for training computers to do smart things and organizing all the information they use. You can use many of these chips together to create a super-strong computer.

They also made updates to a model calledPaLMthat can read long pieces of text, like books and legal papers. Google’s cloud service now has 100 AI models you can use, and they added 20 new ones.

People who use Google Cloud will also be able to try out other companies’ AI models, like LLaMa 2 from Meta Platforms and Claude 2 from a startup called Anthropic.

This means even more smart tools are available to help businesses get things done!

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