Google Launches AI Search Tool in India and Japan for Smarter Results

Google Introduces SGE (Search Generative Experience) to India and Japan, Expanding its Innovative Internet Search Approach from the United States

Google Expands SGE Feature to India and Japan as Part of Broader Effort to Enhance Search Capabilities, Says CEO Sundar Pichai at Google I/O Conference

What’s special about SGE?

Well, SGE doesn’t search the internet like regular Google. It uses a big smart tool called PaLM 2 to give really good answers.

With SGE, you can see different ideas about a topic and learn more about what you’re looking for.

But remember, SGE is not like Google’s chatbot Bard. Bard talks like a person and can even write computer code. SGE is here to help you find things on the internet, like stuff to buy or learn.

And guess what? People in Japan can use SGE in their own language!”

generative ai search launches outside usa

In India, this cool feature works in two languages: English and Hindi. And guess what? You can switch between them easily if you want.

But remember, even in both countries, when you look for things using this feature, you’ll still see ads.


Google’s fresh search tool is a competitor to Microsoft’s Bing. Google hopes that SGE will make people prefer Google over other search engines.

Guess what? Young folks really like SGE. They ask questions in a way that’s just like chatting. And you know what Google said? People also find the ads helpful.

Google AI Search Tool
Google AI Search Tool


And here’s some exciting news: soon, you can click an arrow next to the info you find to go to the original website. This will help you learn even more!”


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