Google Will Soon Demand Disclaimers on AI Made Election Ads

Starting in November, Google will mandate that political advertisers disclose the use of AI-powered ads. This rule will encompass image, video, and audio content on all Google platforms.

  • Starting in November, Google will require political advertisers to clearly disclose whether their ads were created using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The new regulation covers various content types such as images, videos, and audio. It requires a “clear and prominent” label for AI-generated content in election ads.
  • Concerns over the impact of AI-generated political ads on elections have lawmakers and the Federal Election Commission considering additional laws.

Starting from November, Google will implement a policy requiring political advertisers to openly disclose whether their advertisements were generated using artificial intelligence (AI).

According to this new guideline, any ad related to elections will need to clearly indicate if it contains “synthetic content,” which refers to content that appears genuine but is actually created by a computer.

Google is set to put this requirement into effect for election-related advertisements, aiming to promote transparency in the realm of political advertising.

The rule will encompass advertisements that manipulate the appearance or voice of individuals to make it seem as though they are doing or saying things they did not do or say. For instance, if an ad utilizes AI to make it appear as if someone is making statements they never made in reality, it will be required to include a noticeable and easily readable label. These labels might include statements like “This audio was generated by a computer” or “This image is not from an actual event.”

Google has clarified that minor adjustments, such as enhancing image brightness or correcting red-eye effects, will not necessitate the inclusion of a label. Allie Bodack, a Google spokesperson, has pointed out that due to the growing use of AI tools for generating synthetic content, the company is updating its regulations.

Some political groups have already begun incorporating AI into their advertisements. For example, the Republican National Committee employed AI to create images targeting President Joe Biden, while Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis also used AI to generate images in his ad campaigns.

Google’s decision is in response to concerns expressed by lawmakers, including Representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY), who introduced a bill advocating for labels on political ads featuring AI-generated content. Additionally, the Federal Election Commission is considering restrictions on such advertisements.

Google’s new regulation will be applicable to all types of content, encompassing images, videos, and audio. The company has stated that if the artificial element within an ad does not affect the ad’s message, it will not require a label.


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