From $185 to $150,000: How 2 Friends Leveraged ChatGPT to Build and Sell an AI Tool

Learn How 2 Friends Leveraged ChatGPT to Build and Sell an AI Tool

  • With a mere $185, Salvatore Aiello and Monica Powers crafted DimeADozen, an AI tool, ultimately selling it for a staggering $150,000.
  • Designed to assist professionals in idea testing, this tool generated an impressive $65,897 in revenue within a mere seven months.
  • Remarkably, even after the sale, both Salvatore and Monica maintain their dedication as advisors, actively investing five hours each week to foster its ongoing growth.


Turning a modest investment into a remarkable success story – that’s exactly what happened when two entrepreneurial minds, Salvatore Aiello and Monica Powers, crossed paths during an online event hosted by Y Combinator, a renowned startup incubator.

Their journey began with a mere sum of Rs 15,000, approximately $185, and culminated in the creation of a groundbreaking AI tool named DimeADozen. Little did they know, this venture would prove to be a game-changer.

From $185 to $150,000 How 2 Friends Leveraged ChatGPT to Build and Sell an AI Tool

DimeADozen was conceived to assist budding entrepreneurs and innovators in testing their novel concepts, and it swiftly evolved into a brilliant concept in itself.

In a span of just seven months, it generated an impressive revenue of Rs 54.8 lakh, roughly equivalent to $66,000. However, their journey took an unexpected twist when they received an offer they couldn’t resist.

Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille, an enterprising couple, acquired their brainchild, DimeADozen, for an astounding sum of Rs 1.2 crore.

What truly sets Salvatore and Monica apart is their unwavering commitment to the tool they created. Even after the sale, they chose to stay involved as advisors, dedicating five hours a week to enhance and refine their brainchild.

Their ambition knows no bounds, as they aspire for major industry players like Salesforce to recognize the exceptional capabilities of DimeADozen.

The underlying lesson in this inspiring tale is clear: big things can arise from seemingly modest origins. You don’t always require a vast capital infusion to launch your entrepreneurial dreams.

Furthermore, the story of Salvatore and Monica underscores that even when you part ways with your creation, your journey with it is far from over.

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