OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 Is Art Generator Powered by ChatGPT

OpenAI the company behind ChatGPT  just released DALL-E 3, powered by ChatGPT, making it super easy to change artwork. Now, you can just chat with the bot to tweak your art.

They introduced it at a small event for reporters on a Wednesday. DALL-E 3 is like a special tool that’s really good at understanding tricky words and making pictures that match them.

On OpenAI’s website, they said that most text-to-picture machines sometimes don’t listen to the words you give them. So, you have to work hard to make them understand. But DALL-E 3 is changing that. It’s much better at making pictures that fit exactly with your words.

Impressive. OpenAI has just revealed DALL·E 3 to generate AI images.
Impressive. OpenAI has just revealed DALL·E 3 to generate AI images.


Some pictures made with DALL-E 3 were leaked on Discord this summer, and they were amazing! Someone asked DALL-E 3 to make a picture of a pink jester and an angry panda riding cheese bikes in a muddy forest with fog. The picture turned out just like they described!

There are other picture machines like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, but they can’t do such hard things. They can make realistic pictures of lots of stuff, but not as complex as DALL-E 3.

These other machines, including OpenAI’s older ones, can’t make good pictures with words. They often make funny or wrong pictures. But DALL-E 3 is different. It’s really good at putting words and pictures together, just like in a cartoon by OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman. DALL-E 3 is going to make picture-making way better!

OpenAI plans to integrate DALL-E 3 directly into ChatGPT, suggesting that the chatbot will switch between models based on the prompt’s content. ChatGPT, once a simple tool for text outputs, is evolving rapidly. It now includes third-party plugins to fetch text from various sources, even the internet. This expansion broadens the definition of a “chatbot.”

According to Altman, DALL-E 3 will become available to all ChatGPT+ users in the next few weeks. OpenAI’s website states that both ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise users will have access in early October, and OpenAI won’t make copyright claims on the model’s outputs. However, if you want to copyright something created with DALL-E 3, that’s a different story altogether.

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