ORCA Crushes ChatGPT: How a New AI Model is Revolutionizing Chatbots

ORCA Crushes ChatGPT: Microsoft and OpenAI have made a new AI model called ORCA. ORCA is a big AI model with 13 billion parameters. It can think like LFMs (Large Foundation Models).

ORCA is good at understanding language and reasoning. Microsoft hopes that ORCA can understand language and reasoning questions easily. It can also do tasks like grammar, questioning, and drawing conclusions.

ORCA is open source, so other researchers and developers can help make it better. Microsoft wants to make ORCA even more powerful and helpful. They want to use ORCA to solve problems and make the world a better place.

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ORCA is a big step forward for AI. It can help us understand language, grammar, and logical thinking better.

Orca is a really smart model with lots of knowledge (13 billion things it knows!). It can learn to think like the big models by looking at how they solve problems. It learns from GPT-4, which is a very advanced model, and gets help from ChatGPT.

Orca is trained using lots of different examples to get better at understanding and solving difficult problems. And guess what? Orca is even better than other models at some hard tests! It can do things that other models can’t do. It’s like a really good student who does well in tests and exams.

Orca is still not as good as GPT-4, but it’s getting closer. The scientists found that when Orca learns step by step, it becomes even smarter. Learning from explanations is a great way for models to improve their skills.



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