Tencent’s New AI Chatbot Ready to Enter the Market After Beijing’s Green Light

Tencent has revealed its plans to launch a new AI chatbot later this week, aligning itself with fellow Chinese technology giants such as Baidu and SenseTime in the competitive AI chatbot arena.

Key Points

  • Tencent is set to unveil its latest AI chatbot, following a recent green light from the Chinese government for the deployment of such AI technologies.
  • In a move that mirrors the steps taken by other prominent Chinese tech giants like Baidu and SenseTime, Tencent is entering the expanding AI chatbot market.

Tencent, one of China’s biggest internet companies, has a significant update. They are set to release a new AI chatbot. This news was announced in a social media post they shared, which even demonstrated how the chatbot can assist people.

Tencent's New AI Chatbot

For instance, it helped a user draft promotional content for their business.

This is significant because China’s government has just begun to approve the use of AI chatbots by the public. Just last week, other major Chinese tech companies like Baidu and SenseTime also showcased their new AI chatbots.

Tencent’s AI chatbot appears to be highly practical. The demo they presented proves its ability to aid people in their daily work, such as creating promotional materials.

All of this comes in the wake of the Chinese government’s change of stance on AI chatbots. They are now allowing these chatbots to be used by everyone.

So, Tencent may not be the first, but it’s joining the competition. Many people will be comparing this chatbot to others like Baidu’s Ernie bot.

With more and more chatbots entering the scene, it’s a bustling period for AI in China.

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