Top 10 Best AI tools for Students September 2023

Looking to enhance your student learning experience? In 2023, discover the Top 10 Best AI tools for Students that can revolutionize your education. From Grammarly to Socratic, these innovative tools are designed to make studying easier and more effective.

In today’s super speedy world, where the Internet lets us do things like order yummy food or watch cool shows on Netflix, AI tools are like magic helpers that make things even easier.

These tools are like special gadgets that not only make life simpler but also help us do things better and faster.

We often hear about AI being important for big companies, but in this article, we’ll explore how AI tools for students AI tools for Students are specially made to help students like you.

Understanding AI and Its Benefits for Students:-

AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is like having a clever computer friend. It’s not going to do anything bad – don’t worry!

Instead, it’s a super tool that can solve tricky problems quickly. Imagine having a robot friend who can make hard things easy and fast. For students, AI is like a superhero. It’s there to help you learn, study, and keep things organized.

Now, picture having a bunch of AI tools for students that are like digital pals. They’re here to make school stuff simpler and more fun.

From solving tough math puzzles to keeping your school papers tidy, these AI tools for students  are like your clever buddies in the world of learning. They’re here to make your school journey smoother and exciting!

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Best AI tools for students:-

People are talking a lot about AI tools these days, wondering if they might replace real humans. But we think differently!

AI tools are like special helpers that make our tasks easier. They’re not here to take over, just to help out. So, let’s dive in and learn more about them!

1.Grammarly: Elevating Writing Skills

Meet Grammarly, your writing superhero! Grammarly is like a super smart helper for students. It looks at your writing and gives you ideas to make it even better.

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It helps with things like getting the words right, making sure there are no spelling mistakes, and making your sentences sound cool. So, when you’re working on essays or projects, Grammarly is there to make your writing shine like a star!


Grammarly AI tool for students
Grammarly AI tool for students

Platform: Mobile apps/web
Price: Free to use/Premium
Try Grammarly

2.Socratic by Google

Let’s talk about Socratic! It’s like having a smart friend to help you with your homework and learning. Socratic uses AI, which is like magic computer smarts, to explain things step by step. It can also answer your questions and make practice problems for you to solve. So, when you’re puzzled by homework or studying, Socratic is there to make things clear and easy!

Socratic AI tool for students
Socratic AI tool for students

Platform: Mobile apps
Price: Free to use
Try Socratic by Google (Android/iOS)

As a student, it’s often tricky to find free online courses that match your interests. Many times, websites like Udemy mostly have courses that you need to pay for. But here comes Tutor AI to the rescue! It creates complete courses and mini lessons just for you, all based on what you’re learning about.

All you have to do is give Tutor AI a little hint about what you want to learn, and that’s it! You can read and use the text-based courses for free. And guess what? You can make as many as you want without any trouble. Tutor AI is definitely one of our favorite free AI tools for students ! AI tool for students - AI tool for students

Platform: Web Based
Price: Free to use
Try Tutor AI


AI tool – QuillBot! Imagine having a super-smart writing helper right by your side.

QuillBot is just that! It’s like having your very own writing coach that makes your writing sound even better and easier to understand.

But wait, there’s more tat it can do!


QuillBot can do some really cool tricks. It can change sentences to sound different while still saying the same thing – that’s called paraphrasing.
This is awesome for making your writing exciting and new. And guess what?
QuillBot can also create all sorts of unique and creative text styles. It’s like having a buddy that helps you write creatively!

So, if you want your writing to stand out and shine, QuillBot is the tool you need. It’s like having a magical pen that turns your words into pure awesomeness!

Paraphrasing Tool - QuillBot AI - AI tool for students
QuillBot AI – AI tool for students

Platform: Web Based
Price: Free to use /Premium
Try QuillBot


Let’s talk about Speechify, a truly special AI tool! This amazing tool turns words into sound – it’s like magic! Imagine if you could listen to your textbooks and study stuff instead of reading them. Well, Speechify makes that happen!

And here’s the cool part – Speechify can even talk to you in a voice that sounds just like a real person. It’s like having a friend read things out loud to you in a super natural way. So, if you’re looking for a new way to study or learn, Speechify is your go-to buddy!

Speechify AI tool for students
Speechify AI tool for students

Platform: Web Based
Price: Free to use
Try Speechify


Knowji is all about making learning awesome for students! With this app, you can:

  1. Discover New Words: Knowji helps you find and learn new words to boost your vocabulary.
  2. Become a Language Master: It’s like your personal language coach, helping you become great at words.
  3. Use Smart Learning Methods: Knowji uses smart tricks to help you remember words better.
  4. Repeat and Remember: You’ll see words again and again, so they stick in your brain easily.
  5. Flashcards and Games: Have a blast with flashcards and fun games while you learn.
  6. Learn While Having Fun: Knowji makes learning words feel like an exciting adventure.
  7. Achieve Learning Goals: Learn loads of words in just a month and have fun doing it.

So, Knowji is like your magic helper for super cool learning!

Knowji ai tool for students
Knowji ai tool for students


Platform: Web Based
Price: Free to use
Try Knowji


Let’s talk about Memrise – a really cool language learning platform powered by AI! Memrise is important AI tool for students , uses fun games and interactive stuff to teach you new words and phrases. Plus, guess what? It’s got a bunch of friends who are learning languages too, and you can all help each other out.

Imagine speaking in a whole new language! Memrise helps you do that. No matter if you’re just starting or already know a bit, Memrise guides you to have real conversations in another language. So, you’ll stop feeling like a stranger and start having cool chats in a whole new way!


Memrise AI Tools for students
Memrise AI Tools for students


Platform: Web Based
Price: Free to use
Try Memrise 

8. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that uses gamified lessons to help students learn new languages. Duolingo is free to use, but there is also a premium version that offers additional features.

 duolingo ai tool for students
duolingo ai tool for students


Platform: Web /app
Price: Free to use/Premium
Try duolingo

9.Khan Academy

Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that offers free online courses in a variety of subjects. Khan Academy’s AI-powered tools can help students track their progress, identify areas where they need help, and get personalized recommendations for additional resources.

Khan Academy for students
Khan Academy for students


Platform: Web /app
Price: Free to use
Try Khan Academy

10. edX.

edX is an online learning platform that offers courses from top universities around the world. edX’s AI-powered tools can help students find the right courses for their needs, track their progress, and connect with other students and instructors.

edX ai tool for students
edX ai tool for students


FAQ About AI tools for Students

Q1: How can AI tools like Grammarly help improve my writing? A

: Grammarly acts like your writing buddy. It suggests corrections for spelling, grammar, and style, making your writing clear and impressive. It’s like having a virtual editor by your side!

Q2: Can AI tools really make learning fun?

A: Absolutely! AI tools like Memrise use games and interactive activities to teach you. Learning becomes like playing, and you’ll enjoy picking up new words and skills without even realizing it.

Q3: How does Socratic’s AI help with homework?

A: Socratic is like your study buddy. It breaks down tough homework problems step by step and answers your questions. It’s a bit like having a friend who’s really good at explaining things.

Q4: Are AI tools easy to use for students?

A: Yes, they’re designed to be user-friendly. For instance, Speechify turns text into audio, which is great for listening to study materials. You just need to click and let it read to you – simple and helpful!

Q5: Can AI tools personalize learning to my needs?

A: Absolutely! Tools like Khan Academy and edX recommend courses based on what you’re interested in and how you’re doing. It’s like having a virtual guide who knows exactly what you need to learn next.

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